Nuvolo's Writings

Unwilling to leave direct written comments on his work, like some other interpreters of his generation, Nuvolo has left very few text. What he did leave us is a precious mixture of poetics and history, a defense and promotion of screen printing. The following text is a rare esthetic explanation and was written for the collective exhibit “Eight Contemporary artists from Rome”, at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, from September 11 to October 20, 1963:

Today, at this very moment, I am looking for the perfect balance, the absolute balance. This obviously needs to be as close as possible to the atonal world of the zero dimension… However, I live in a world made of a continuous series of points and my expressive tools are lines and colors, not the infinite, indefinite and atonal dimensions, not a-dimensionality. If I had presented a totally white picture, I would have had a figure, not a balance. Therefore, I need to put something on a white canvas, something possibly representing what is best and (as close as possible to what is) exact. Maybe one day I will create a painting like that. That day, all painters may stop painting along with me. Until then, I look at every work of mine as a relative equation, with an unresolved unknown.

Two much longer texts are part of the singular effort supporting the entry of screen printing among the new school teachings, which was offered to the Ministry of Education, and there is also a written reply to the piece featured in the magazine “Il Borghese” in December, 1969, in which the journalist Iolena Baldini (Berenice) strongly discredited the use of screen printing in the arts.

“Screen printing in schools” (1961) > PDF

“Dear Berenice” (1969) > PDF

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