Genesi (1990-1997)

The visual kinetics expressed in the “Genesi” cycle (1994-1998) represents a culmination of Nuvolo’s aesthetic, although it is does not herald axiomatic truths and definitive results. The series coincides with a profound afterthought about the process of making art, and the author investigates the concept of creation, conjugating imaginative and manual application with the help of the computer. The result is similar to the visual proliferation of the “Oigroig” figures, but the tentacles and rays of the pictorial subjects are extended to every portion of the painting space. The coeval passage to the video element in 1993/94 defines a dialogical interaction with the symphonies of Johan Sebastian Bach based on a “repetition” and “distance” process through mathematic matches in visual and sound.

anteprima Genesi

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